Some of our “Just Because” Thoughts

We do a regular exercise with our girls, in which we ask them to complete a statement as follows:

Just Because I _________ Doesn’t mean I ____________.  My name is __________ and I am _________.


Here are some samples of the replies that we’ve gotten from some of our teen participants.


“Just Because I’m always with my family Doesn’t mean I don’t love my friends with all I’ve got. My name is Gyllian and I am loving!”

“Just Because I talk in a squeaky voice Doesn’t mean I’m soft.  My name is Bianca and I am Strong”

“Just Because I am quiet at times Doesn’t mean I don’t have a Loud Personality.  My name is Yvonne and I am a Fun Homo Sapien!”

“Just Because I have guy friends Doesn’t mean I’m a slut. My name is Juliette and I am a girl that likes to hang out with boys because they’re not dramatic.”

“Just Because I protect my girlfriends a lot Doesn’t mean I am a lesbian. My name is Kelsi and I am straight, okay?”

“Just Because I act like I’m white Doesn’t mean I’m not black. My name is Destiny and I am too short!”

“Just because I have a deep voice Doesn’t mean I’m a man. My name is Najsha and I am Deep!”

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