Inspiration from Antoni




The girls at Miami-Dade Juvenile Correction Center have been working with WOTR! instructors Monica Lopez de Victoria, Nereida Garcia Ferraz and Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez.  This month, they worked on collective braids inspired by Janine Antoni’s, Moor.

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Pridelines visits Tracey Emin: Angel Without You at MOCA

IMG_3269 IMG_3271

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WJ Bryan’s 5th Graders Get Creative


As a part of our Museums Magnet Partnership, Women on the Rise! worked with the 5th grade students at WJ Bryan Elementary School in North Miami throughout November and December. The girls questioned the relationship between our bodies and nature while studying the work of Wangechi Mutu and Chiho Aoshima.

mutu 5 mutu 6

The girls learned about collaging using found images from magazines during the Mutu workshop.  While working, the girls discussed the connections between the body and landscape as well as the objectification of people and cultures in the media.


While looking at the work of Chiho Aoshima, the girls at WJ Bryan learned about Superflat Style and imagined themselves as a part of their favorite landscapes.

photo 1 photo 2

The girls look forward to visiting the museum in April for the exhibition, Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey.


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Women on the Rise! Art Basel Tour

Join us at Art Basel, Miami Beach this Friday at 6pm!

Artist and WOTR! Coordinator, Crystal Pearl, will lead a tour of Art Basel Miami Beach focusing on women artists regularly incorporated into the WOTR! curriculum, including Louise Bourgeois, Ana Mendieta and Ellen Gallagher among others.

$75 (member) / $100 (non-member) Donation to MOCA to attend.  
Click here for tickets and information.

All proceeds benefit the Women on the Rise! program and support our continuing workshops for girls in under-served communities.

Please contact Crystal Pearl with any questions regarding the tour.

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Film Etching at Breakthrough Miami

This month the girls at Breakthrough Miami worked with artist and WOTR! instructor, Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez to create elaborately etched film curtains.


The girls learned how artists use appropriation to create new ideas from found objects.


Using awls and found 16mm film, the girls etched new narratives out of existing ones.



The girls then worked as a group to assemble their individual strips to create a light-catching curtain, which will be exhibited later this year.


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Girl Power experiences a Love of Technology

This Friday Girl Power visited the MOCA galleries for a tour of the exhibition, Love of Technology.  After viewing works by artists Anicka Yi, Lena Henke, and Andrea Zittel among others, students questioned the interdependent relationship between humans and technology.

photo 4

The girls participated in a workshop where they discussed stereotyping in social media and considered how exaggeration can be used to combat those stereotypes.

photo 1

The girls then designed characters who would face and eliminate judgments they had previously encountered.

photo 2

Love of Technology will be on view at MOCA, North Miami through November 03, 2013.

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Breakthough Breaks Out

burger belly

On Saturday, students of Breakthrough Miami at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart participated in a work about artist and WOTR! Coordinator, Crystal Pearl‘s work.  Based on the series, Food Body, the girls considered the line between the appealing and the repulsive, in addition to addressing body image, consumption and the ideal.

donut button

empanada rib

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Pridelines goes Pearl

This Tuesday the students at Pridelines Youth Services worked with artist and WOTR! Coordinator, Crystal Pearl to create their own works inspired by the series, Food Body.

chicken wing

Beyond body image, students also discussed the ways in which female bodies are consumed much like food by modern society.


The artist discussed how facing insecurities head on through humor can help to shift both social and personal perspectives of body image and self-esteem.


As a group, we contemplated the ways in which we are presented daily with negotiations between the attractive and repulsive.


…and we all left feeling both empowered and quite hungry.   WOTR! can’t wait to visit Pridelines Youth Services again later this month.

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WOTR at Pridelines


One of our most active partnerships is with Pridelines Youth Services, a center focusing on the needs of LGBTQ youth aged 14-24. With these groups, we’ve been working on a series of projects including collages addressing gender & sexuality, as well as a 16mm film project on identity, led by WOTR artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez.

The mentoring relationships created through our WOTR workshops not only build artistic skill, but also open essential dialogue on topics relevant to each group. In this instance, students expressed the concept of gender construction and identity through collage works.


Here is a pic of some of our Pridelines students with WOTR director, photographer Anya Wallace.  Yes, we did have plenty of pastelitos on board.  And yes, the love just flows & flows!


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Summer Instruction Winds Down at WOTR


We had an amazingly successful summer program with our partners Honey ShineBreakthrough Miami, Urgent, Inc. and Pridelines Youth Services. In addition to the Graffiti Girlz Rising project executed with students from Honey Shine, we also offered our regular WOTR workshops to other groups and an abundance of amazing work was created by our students. In addition, we engaged in powerful discussions inspired by such visionary feminist artists as Shinique Smith, Mickalene Thomas, Ana Mendieta, Ellen Gallagher, Shoshana Weinberger and Tracey Emin.

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