About the Summit


The Women on the Rise! Annual Girls Summit offers access to the best practices in girls education presented by scholars conducting innovative work in and out of South Florida. Addressing issues of body image, health, sexuality, and gender non-conformity, leading educators, scholars, and activists engage in performances, panel discussions and film screenings, which highlight innovative scholarly work in gender studies and girls education.  The 2014 program will focus on the creativity of girls, nurturing that creativity and the empowering potential of expression.

Miami-Dade County Teachers will receive 7MPP points for attending each day of the summit.  Be sure to register on the Professional Development Portal for In-Service Points. 

For information, contact
Crystal Pearl Molinary, Women on the Rise! Program Coordinator
e) cmolinary@mocanomi.org p) 305.893.6211 x.25

The Third Annual Girls Summit is sponsored by

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